Investing in corporate season tickets means delivering those tickets to the right people at the right time. To do so, you have to select an event ticketing platform.

How do you differentiate between the many options available? Start by assessing the unique needs of your business and defining your team’s ticketing culture.

In this post, we’ll look at the best ticket management platforms and provide an easy-to-use feature comparison. After that, you’ll be able to select from our list based on your business’s requirements.

Choosing the Best Event Ticketing Platform for Your Business

Every business has unique factors to consider when choosing a ticketing solution. Most strategies depend on company size, industry, organizational goals, and leaders’ preferences.

With so many influences, how can you assess the options in a way that makes sense for everyone? Let’s start with a basic truth: Every company has a unique ticketing culture.

Managing Your Unique Ticketing Culture

Individual companies always have specific expectations for their own live event tickets.

How you’ve used tickets in the past isn’t how you’ll use them in the future. As a result, any ticketing partner you choose must be willing to understand things like:

  • Your past ticket distribution methods and processes
  • Your future goals for ticket delivery, including cultural shifts
  • How the number of employees you have on payroll changes the ticketing experience

When comparing platforms, always choose a provider that understands your company’s ticketing culture, goals, and expectations.

Quote: Best Corporate Ticket Management Systems (Compared)

When to Use Live Tickets for Your Business

Businesses can leverage live ticket events to achieve crucial goals, such as:

  • Improving employee engagement
  • Boosting customer and vendor relationships
  • Contributing to business development

With a ticket management system, you can create opportunities for your employees and partners to enjoy exciting events nationwide. Plus, creative distribution methods allow you to accomplish multiple corporate goals at once.

Most companies don’t have existing internal procedures for managing tickets. A professional ticket management system alleviates that stress and makes tracking easier.

Common Event Ticketing Platform Features

For the sake of this comparison, we’ll examine the most basic ticketing needs and use cases. Here, you’ll get a breakdown of popular features and see how the most popular platforms stack up. You’ll find processes related to:

  • Ticket management — Monitor requests, approvals, and transfers. Can you actually see how tickets are used?
  • Ticket purchasing — Distribute tickets to the right people and avoid waste. The full-circle process includes the initial sale, future resale, and donation.
  • Reporting — Examine a platform’s analytics, history of ticket usage, and return on investment (ROI).
  • Automation — Connect your platform to specific business accounts. Trigger emails and communication to ticket holders for up-to-date information.

Below, we explore how three leading ticket companies — Concierge Live, Ticket Manager, and Ticketnology — deliver these features.

Infographic: Best Corporate Ticket Management Systems (Compared)

Feature 1: Ticket Management

Distribution is similar across all platforms, but certain features and triggers set them apart from one another. These qualities depend on company size and ticket volume.

  • Concierge Live connects to all major ticketing systems. The platform sets ticket requests and rules using specific triggers.
  • Ticket Manager features sleek graphics and design. The UX is inviting for users who request tickets and want to view available options.
  • Ticketnology sends and approves tickets easily and quickly. The platform also connects to major ticketing systems and offers the ability to share tickets with external users

Feature 2: Purchasing and Selling

Buying and selling is a huge part of managing live event registration and attendance. How do different platforms stack up?

  • Concierge Live allows you to co-list tickets internally for distribution within your business network and externally to third parties. Their system automatically removes ticket availability once tickets are assigned or sold.
  • Ticket Manager builds an extravagant visual platform. They list tickets for sale from major corporate suppliers and have their own internal market for reselling tickets.
  • Ticketnology sells within its own ecosystem and through third-party markets like StubHub and Vivid. This practice has the highest sell-through rate (up to 96% of tickets).

Feature 3: Reporting

Reporting helps analyze ticket numbers and gauge ROI.

  • Concierge Live contains more than 50 pre-built reports. These provide ample information and data, depending on your needs.
  • Ticket Manager monitors individual ticket scans when venues provide the corresponding service. This method offers a granular reporting structure some companies find beneficial.
  • Ticketnology has in-depth reporting and offers every client an account manager. The manager provides detailed analyses and insights to help clients better understand the data. Though reporting is automatic, clients can leverage custom reporting. Additionally, end-of-season reports break down metrics by sport or event type.

Feature 4: Automation

Automatic features remove manual steps. This frees up your team to focus on the big-picture event strategy instead of time-consuming details.

  • Concierge Live provides triggers, reporting, and email automation. Users can easily communicate with businesses and ticket holders.
  • Ticket Manager integrates with CRMs like Salesforce. It also focuses on many external partnerships for robust integration.
  • Ticketnology includes email automation, reporting automation, and ticket management approval. Approvals have various levels based on the corresponding ticket requests.

Feature 5: Client Type

Some industries are better suited for comprehensive ticketing platforms. In any scenario, both the size of the company and the desired ticket usage are key considerations.

  • Concierge Live prioritizes large, nationally renowned events like the Kentucky Derby and Super Bowl. By working with global sponsors, Concierge Live caters to a powerful target market.
  • Ticket Manager focuses on top-tier national companies with more than 10,000 employees. These companies often want premium seat purchases (box seats or large suite contracts). Ticket Manager locates packages across cities and venue types.
  • Ticketnology prioritizes small- and mid-sized companies with 25–250 employees. These businesses look for small-package season tickets. This includes big players in the market that are not at the “enterprise” level.

Feature 6: Cost

What does it actually cost to invest in the most popular ticketing solutions? Which will suit your budget?

  • Concierge Live costs $10–25K annually. Businesses and clients pay based on the number of users and tickets assigned.
  • Ticket Manager ranges from $8–100K annually based on the number of users and tickets.
  • Ticketnology charges $2.5–5K per client for selected services. Specific charges depend on feature packages and the desired level of reporting.

Shop for the Features and Functionality You Actually Need

As you can see, each event ticketing platform offers its own extra features. But the truth is, you shouldn’t pay for what you don’t need.

Do you want in-depth reporting and concierge-style distribution? Would your team enjoy broad hospitality features? Or is a sleek UX for 20,000 employees the most relevant quality?

By aligning your priorities with the best event ticketing platform for you, you can skip out on stressful overbuying.

Find a Seamless Event Ticketing Solution

Choosing the right event ticketing platform depends on your ticketing culture and basic feature needs, especially if you’ve never tracked corporate tickets before. As you define your ticketing goals and priorities, you’ll be better set up for success.

Now is the perfect time to distribute, track, and analyze ticket usage nationwide. Book your Ticketnology demo today.