Effortlessly secure tickets to the events you want to experience.

Our Ticket Bank works similar to a prepaid debit card account — except our Ticket Bank comes with experienced concierges who have insider knowledge and expertise to secure tickets to the most coveted events! We do the heavy lifting so you can remain focused on your tasks and responsibilities.

Ticket Bank also helps you determine your budget in advance and ensures the funds are immediately available when tickets go on sale. You’ll work with a dedicated concierge who will secure tickets whenever you’re ready.

Here’s How Ticket Bank Works:

  • You deposit funds into your Ticket Bank account and choose your desired seasonal or one-time events.
  • Your concierge scours the options to find the best deals on premium seats and events (often, we have access to tickets before they go on sale to the general public). Your concierge uses the funds from your account to buy your tickets.
  • You can use your Ticket Bank funds for any type of event anywhere nationwide — sports, concerts, performing arts, charity galas and more.
  • If any new events crop up throughout the year, you simply call or email your concierge to let them know you want tickets.
  • You can add funds to your bank at any time.
  • You’ll receive a monthly statement showing your account activity.

Ticket Bank Gift Card Program

Included with your Ticket Bank membership is our completely flexible Gift Card Program! With the gift card program, you no longer need to wonder if your client or employee is interested or available for an event. If they live in another city or state, no problem!

With our Gift Card Program, the next time you want to thank a client, send a holiday appreciation gift or recognize a valued employee with event tickets, you simply send them a Ticket Bank Gift Card for any amount you want. The amount is deducted from your Ticket Bank account.

The recipient contacts your concierge whenever they are ready to redeem your gift card and chooses the event they want to attend. If the event tickets cost more than the gift card balance, the recipient simply pays the difference.

Top Benefits of Using Ticket Bank

  • Establish your budget upfront
  • Enjoy complete flexibility to mix & match events
  • Receive tickets to top events without lifting a finger
  • Work with a single point of contact
  • Know your account balance so you can make better buying decisions
  • Easily send gift cards to clients or employees nationwide

Corporate Ticket Bank Benefits

  • Allows for budgeting
  • Access to events across the U.S.
  • Hassle-free ordering with account concierge
Corporate Ticket Bank

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