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The world of live event ticketing is complex and can be frustrating for both event-goers and businesses. Beginning in 2020, Event Finders at the time,  launched a campaign to work toward a more customer-friendly approach, where the customer is first, transparency is always included and experiences are enhanced.  

In 2023, Event Finders USA rebranded to Ticketnology, a name that reflects the team’s extensive knowledge and advanced technology behind ticket advising. Ticketnology has quickly become the go-to software platform for businesses that want to manage their corporate hospitality and ticketing needs. Overall, Ticketnology is the answer to the complexities and frustrations of live event ticketing. With its customer-centric approach, advanced technology, and valuable insights, it’s the perfect tool for businesses that want to manage their ticketing and hospitality activities with ease and confidence.

At Ticketnology, our vision is to revolutionize the way businesses engage with the world of sports and entertainment. We envision a future where every ticket becomes an opportunity, where businesses can seamlessly immerse themselves in the energy and excitement of live events. Through innovative technology and unparalleled expertise, we aim to transform ticket management into a productive, seamless operation with immense benefits for the corporate ticket buyer. 

The day to day mission it to empower businesses with tailored solutions that transcend the ordinary. We are committed to showcasing tickets as gateways to unique and special experiences, skillfully crafted to align with the goals and values of each business. Through our expertise, dedication and cutting-edge technology, we strive to deliver seamless ticket solutions that amplify brand experiences, foster connection and drive success. With passion and innovation as our compass, we’re on a journey to redefine the ticket management experience, one ticket at a time. 


Be A Rockstar

Know the Set List

Balls In Your Court

Throw Strikes



We offer a dedicated account manager

— not a rotating set of various representatives

We offer a live support

— not a call center or automated voice prompt system

We offer personalized consulting

— not a one-size-fits all solution

We prioritize your needs

— not ignoring your business development goals


Morgan K.

Founder & CEO

Ashley B.

Ticket Coordinator

Piper B.

Account Manager

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