There will always be a place for branded swag, but if we’ve learned anything from the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s that employees want more than sweatshirts and tumblers. They want to go, see, and do.

Live event opportunities (like sporting events and concerts) are in high demand for employees who want to relax, enjoy cultural experiences with family, and create positive memories with colleagues. Managers, too, benefit from giving away great experiences. They improve engagement, motivate workers, foster team culture, and increase employee retention.

If you’re not taking advantage of live events, now’s the perfect time to start — and you don’t have to break the bank to do it.

Infographic: How to Create Rockstar Engagements for Your Employees

The Benefits of Using Live Events for Engagement

Not all employees feel cared for in the workplace. While some companies prioritize healthy culture, employee perks, and a sense of camaraderie, others miss these core elements of engagement.

The advantages of using live event attendance to improve employee engagement are numerous:

  • Stronger connections between employees and other business partners or clients
  • More incentive to work on a common goal
  • Improved expressions of gratitude, appreciation, and recognition when using event experiences to award employees
  • Healthier work-life balance that encourages staff to take advantage of social connections outside of an office environment

What Goes Wrong With Employee Engagement?

Despite these selling points, even business leaders who want to leverage live events are sometimes thwarted in the details. For example, errors happen when businesses purchase live event tickets without first outlining a clear strategy.

Imagine an HR department that purchases tickets to a regional family-oriented festival or event but distributes them to employees without children. A lack of intentionality — whether in the original purchase or in the logistics of attending the event — minimizes the positive experiences employees could otherwise enjoy.

That’s where a ticket concierge comes in. More on that soon.

Positive Engagement Doesn’t Have to Cost a Fortune

Many small- and medium-sized companies choose not to pursue employee engagement through live event opportunities because of budget constraints.

That’s a common objection, but — good news — it doesn’t need to be. To create rockstar employee engagement with live events, you don’t have to invest millions of dollars.

Because there are so many price points and event types, investing in live events doesn’t have to be wildly expensive. Managers or HR directors simply need to be creative and make intentional choices.

Minimize costs by considering the following:

  • Explore different seating options at major sporting events, concerts, and big-name shows.
  • Think outside of traditional options or leagues when choosing a type of event or specific venue.
  • Pursue new options that are rewarding and fun for employees, such as fall festivals, state fairs, and minor league teams.

Just because you don’t have the means to invest in a VIP booth at a blockbuster world tour doesn’t mean there aren’t other opportunities your employees will enjoy. Local events can be just as meaningful for staff and their families.

Quote: How to Create Rockstar Engagements for Your Employees

Practical Ways to Create Rockstar Engagement Strategies

At Ticketnology, we’ve seen companies do more with less and achieve incredible engagement results. Here are two of our favorite examples:

  • Raffling Tickets for FC Dallas: When FC Dallas came to town for a special tournament, one of our clients knew it was the perfect opportunity to create excitement and engagement among their employees. Tickets were pricey and in high demand, so they decided to purchase a limited number through their existing Ticket Fund with us.Rather than simply handing the tickets out to a select few, they called a meeting for managers, support staff, and others who met certain criteria. They then announced the event, surprising everyone, and held a drawing right then and there. The staff went wild as little slips of paper were pulled from a bowl, revealing who would be going to the game.
  • Monster Jam for Administrative Employees: One law firm we work with wanted to intentionally reward and engage their administrative staff, since corporate tickets usually went to the firm’s clients.Since many of this group were married with children, the firm chose to purchase tickets to Monster Jam — an exciting and family-friendly monster truck competition that wouldn’t break the bank. They even hired a party bus and catered extra treats for attendees, providing an unforgettable experience for under $5,000.

In each case, the creative recognition had a positive impact on staff morale, showing employees they were valued and appreciated.

How a Ticket Concierge Service Improves Results

It isn’t always easy to figure out which events will best engage your employees and suit your business.

When you establish a Ticket Fund with Ticketnology, we keep you up-to-date on events and helps you decide which experiences are right for your team. You’re able to set a concrete ticket budget for the year, but maintain the flexibility to use those funds for different events as needed.

Your dedicated ticket concierge handles the pricing, purchase, and management of tickets, as well as booking add-ons like catering, so there’s no complication, second-guessing, or misplacing resources.

Book a Ticketnology demo or learn more about Ticket Fund to design rockstar experiences your employees really care about.