Account Management Services: Eliminate time-consuming work while gaining a higher return on your season ticket investment.

Eliminate time-consuming work while gaining a higher return on your event tickets investment with Ticket Booth and Account Management Services.

Investing in seasonal and single-event tickets as part of your business development and employee retention plans can yield attractive ROIs. However, managing event tickets is time-consuming and laborious — you must approve requests, distribute tickets, track usage and remain compliant with the IRS. You also risk ending up with unused or underutilized tickets, which wastes money and opportunities to engage with prospects, clients or employees. We can help!

Ticket Booth software offers a centralized, simplified web-based solution to manage your event tickets. With Ticket Booth, you can:

  • Quickly approve requests and assign tickets
  • Efficiently allocate and distribute tickets nationwide
  • Accurately track usage
  • Effortlessly resell or donate unused tickets
  • Conveniently access real-time reports on usage, compliance and ROI
  • Quickly receive assistance from a dedicated account manager

Top Benefits from Using Ticket Booth

Save Time: No more cumbersome, inefficient spreadsheets, delays in approvals and distribution, or tracking down usage. Every client is assigned a dedicated in-house account manager for when you need help — you won’t get sent to an overseas call center or wait hours for a callback when you need support.

Save Money: With Ticket Booth, you can prevent costly problems with event ticket programs — your unused tickets going to waste. We handle all the details if you need to resell tickets (and our reseller fees are typically 3 to 5% lower than other reseller services). We work with premium reseller sites and are a preferred seller, so our tickets get noticed before other sellers. Many clients end up saving so much time and money using Ticket Booth that they have funds leftover to reallocate to other programs or events.

Make Charitable Ticket Donations: We can help you donate unused tickets, often as a tax write-off.

Avoid Misuse: You can also prevent tickets from being used by people who do not provide an adequate ROI or violate IRS compliance rules.

Assess Usage and ROI: Assess your event ticket program and determine if you should make changes to your ticket purchases or who is using them to improve your program’s ROI. Track usage by event, client, employee, department, donation and more.

Account Management Services

Marketing & Budgeting Assistance: In addition to our Ticket Booth software, we offer marketing and budgeting consulting services. We can help you determine how many and which tickets to buy, ensuring the best returns on your investments. If you’re paying for team or event sponsorship that includes event tickets that aren’t being utilized, we can help you resell, donate or use them as part of your business development or employee retention plans.

Most ticket distribution services firms provide the software — we take it a step further and offer our combined years of expertise in the live event ticketing industry to ensure your program produces the results you want.

Event Management Assistance: Often, securing and distributing tickets is only part of the challenge. We offer event management services such as know-before-you-go, directions and other essential information emails, transportation, catering, gifts and more.

Top Benefits of Our Account Management Services

  • Leverage our expertise to create the best program for your organization and budget
  • Receive optimum ROIs
  • Utilize tickets tied to event sponsorship more effectively
  • Enjoy hassle-free event planning

Account Management Benefits

  • Buying, selling, and delivery
  • Saves on project management time
  • Higher return on otherwise unused tickets