At Ticketnology, we help businesses get the most value from their venue sponsorships.

When it comes to using or reselling the tickets included in these sponsorships, companies have more flexibility than they might think. We recently helped one client, a global IT consulting firm, increase its ticket use by over 40%. They’ve also earned back $80,000 in unused ticket resales.

This story illustrates how companies can make the most of venue sponsorships and eliminated wasted spend. It also demonstrates the importance of having the right mindset so you can enjoy these perks, too.

Quote: Reshaping an IT Company’s View on Sponsorship and Ticket Use

The Challenges

When they found Ticketnology, our IT client had an existing sponsorship with a local sports venue, meaning the company’s name and logo were prominently displayed throughout the venue for attendees to see. The sponsorship included season tickets to a box suite.

Despite the advantage of logo visibility, our client realized that their included sponsorship tickets were going to waste. The company reserved its tickets for top-tier clients only, but they had so few of those clients that most tickets went unused.

As a result, the company’s employees and guests attended fewer than 20 events total (between basketball and hockey) in a season. This amounted to an attendance rate of less than 10%. Plus, they weren’t reselling those unused tickets. Every single no-show event was a lost opportunity.

Reasons for Low Ticket Use

Venue sponsors sometimes fail to take advantage of their season tickets. It’s not because they want to leave money on the table, though that’s the unfortunate result. The most common reasons have to do with the company’s mindset:

  • Businesses often equate sponsorship with logo placement only. Sponsors often focus on public signage at event venues. But logo placement on public signage isn’t the only perk included in your venue sponsorship.
  • Tickets aren’t seen as valuable. Many venue sponsors view season tickets as add-ins that are tacked on just to make the sponsorship contract seem more enticing. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Those season tickets are included in the price of your sponsorship. If you don’t use them, your ROI suffers.

Because of challenges like these, companies sometimes think it’s easier to ignore tickets than to use or distribute them.

The Solution

Getting the highest ROI on your sponsorship contract starts with building connections with ticketing experts. In our IT client’s case, offloading ticket management responsibilities to Ticketnology meant saving valuable time and resources.

Over time, Ticketnology established trust with the client through transparency. Our ticketing experts shared clear, understandable ticket use and resale statistics.

Measurable Results With Ticketnology

Ticketnology successfully increased ticket usage among our client’s employees and boosted earnings from ticket resales.

In 2021, the company’s ticket usage rate was a mere 37%. In 2022, they partnered with Ticketnology, and their ticket usage rate grew to 59%. 2023 saw even more growth, with the ticket usage rate reaching a whopping 79%.

Additionally, we helped them reclaim $80,000 in ticket resales. From 2022 to 2023, they reported an 88% sell-through rate, meaning they successfully sold 88% of their unused tickets and put more money back in their pockets.

Infographic: Reshaping an IT Company’s View on Sponsorship and Ticket Use

Changing the Corporate Ticket Culture

With clear metrics reporting and intuitive software, Ticketnology can change how your company sees and uses tickets.

Our team educates decision-makers using crucial metrics related to events and ticket utilization. This data highlights wasted spending and helps businesses identify when ticket resales are the smartest choice.

We also provide access to the Ticket Booth platform, which makes tickets more accessible to employees, increases company use rates, and removes the need for manual tracking. As a result, companies recoup thousands of dollars.

How Ticketnology Can Help

Sponsorships often include more benefits than venue logo placement. Even if you didn’t expect to receive season tickets when you signed that contract, use them!

Make tickets available to employees, or resell them through a trusted marketplace. You’ll get more bang for your buck by reframing this aspect of your company’s ticket use.

Ticketnology helps businesses of all sizes maximize corporate venue sponsorships. Book a consultation today to learn more about our solutions.