Managing tickets effectively requires real-time oversight.

Without an automated ticket distribution system in place, managers and attendees often get stuck sending endless messages back and forth inquiring about ticket availability — “email tennis,” as we like to call it. Managers may also encounter delays, inaccurate data, and out-of-date selections when distributing tickets.

At Ticketnology, we know these hurdles keep your employees and clients from enjoying incredible events. That’s why we designed the Ticket Booth Share Link.

Introducing the Ticket Booth Share Link

Most companies designate an administrator to send corporate tickets to clients and track distribution manually. When that designated person tells potential attendees that tickets are available, the email tennis match begins.

Because busy professionals usually don’t respond to direct messages and email threads immediately, outdated data keeps potential attendees from selecting the best event for them. Clients and employees don’t know which opportunities are still available, and they’re discouraged from attending.

Ticketnology’s Share Link eliminates that annoying bottleneck. It’s the simplest and most effective way to share tickets between parties. It eliminates tedious email chains and prevents confusion with a single click.

Understanding the Share Link Process

Within the Ticket Booth dashboard, any licensed user can create a new Share Link. Simply select the event you want someone to see and generate a custom link. The link recipient can then use the custom link to see which tickets are available.

If you’ve ever used a scheduling tool like Calendly, you understand how this process works. The recipient can only make a choice based on pre-selected details from the sender.

Administrators select only the events they want the recipient to have access to. For instance, if an administrator wants to share NHL hockey games with a client, customization prevents the client from accessing festivals or concerts. The client’s limited access helps them reserve the correct ticket without wasting time playing email tennis.

How to Use the Share Link: Step by Step

First, log into the main Ticket Booth dashboard to view all available events. The events listed on the dashboard are those for which tickets have been purchased or secured in advance.

Next, select the category or specific event(s) you want to share with a guest or client. In the example shown here, the Ticketnology admin is choosing to share Dallas sporting events for February and March.

Clicking the share button creates a custom link. Select “Copy Link” to send that unique link to guests via email, text, or direct message. The guest can then book or reserve tickets without needing their own Ticket Booth login credentials.

Now, booking is the customer’s responsibility. Using their unique Share Link invitation, the recipient requests to attend an event on a specific date. That request is then sent to the administrator for approval.

Why Clients Love Share Link

Ticketnology clients love using Share Link! It eliminates bottlenecks and lets clients and employees choose experiences based on real-time availability. It’s easy for businesses to improve customer experiences and enhance the client journey when they prioritize user-friendly features like Share Link.

The Share Link feature is unique to Ticketnology’s platform. Without it, teams get stuck in the cycle of inefficient ticket sharing that leads to wasted time and money.

Infographic: Feature Highlight: Ticketbooth’s Share Link

Get Started Today

The Ticket Booth Share Link feature is the simplest and most effective way to share tickets digitally and eliminate tedious workflows. The Share Link feature is currently available for Ticket Booth users. Call or contact us today to set up your account!