Despite the myriad ways to foster relationships with clients, business leaders eagerly look for opportunities to go the extra mile. In a fast-paced corporate market, memorable, personal connections distinguish transactional relationships from meaningful ones.

That’s why live events are so impactful. Shared experiences like concerts and sporting events strengthen client relationships. But corporate leaders often overlook live tickets’ potential.

Let’s review the advantages of using live event tickets for existing clients and share practical ways to make this strategy successful.

Quote: How to Enrich Client Relationships With Live Events

Benefits of Using Live Event Tickets to Build Client Relationships

Taking business relationships for granted because they’re already “on the books” can lead to disappointing results. Deals are rarely final indefinitely, and it takes diligent effort to keep clients engaged.

In this way, live events are advantageous for businesses that want to strengthen their reputation for exceptional client services. Concerts, festivals, and sporting events are a chance to connect with others emotionally — and from a business standpoint, people are more likely to collaborate with those they share memories with. Look for these benefits from providing live event tickets:

Differentiates Your Brand

By offering live events, your business separates itself from run-of-the-mill companies that fail to connect with clients. Not every business offers the chance to see a major athletic event, concert, or speaker. By giving access to something clients don’t expect (or that’s beyond the price they’re willing to pay to attend on their own), companies can surprise and delight.

Expresses Value and Gratitude

Investing in live events illustrates that a company values their clients’ unique tastes. It takes strong interpersonal skills to remember previous conversations and recall small details, like which sport or team is a client’s favorite. When clients know you value these details, they also know you value them.

Gives Experiences, Not Items

Concerts, games, and shows are more memorable than swag or physical gifts. Most people don’t feel emotionally connected to water bottles or branded t-shirts, but many feel a deep sense of identity with a favorite team or artist.

Before digital ticketing was available, physical swag served its purpose. Now, businesses can do more. Although there are still opportunities to use swag for smaller incentives, going beyond the traditional gift model delivers a better return on investment.

Reinforces the Business Relationship

Treating your clients to live events solidifies your working relationship. Because quality face time matters most, real-life interactions are more impactful than emailed check-ins or quarterly newsletters.

Let’s say you run a law firm. If your firm has access to NHL tickets and a Canadian client loves hockey, treat that client to the game (especially if their favorite team is playing) and assume the role of courteous host. Treat them to concessions, offer extra amenities, and enjoy your time together.

They’ll look back more favorably on your overall working relationship since they were able to interact with you outside of a corporate setting.

Infographic: How to Enrich Client Relationships With Live Events

5 Tips for Live Event Ticket Success

When leveraging live event tickets, make each new opportunity meaningful and memorable. Look for ways to strengthen your relationship with the client, even before you attend the event.

  • Take clients’ tastes into consideration. What can you recall from previous conversations? Use old notes to make sure the client doesn’t dislike a particular sport. Look for opportunities to impress while keeping personal preferences in mind.
  • Invite multiple clients who could benefit from networking. Introduce your clients to one another. Showcasing referrals goes a long way toward creating mutually beneficial partnerships.
  • Create excitement prior to the event. Build up a rivalry (e.g., hometown versus current town), announce the appearance of a star player, or advertise a special giveaway.
  • Share details beforehand. Live events are most successful when everyone knows what to expect. Enjoying a stress-free experience comes down to knowing where to park, what traffic to anticipate, how to show tickets at the gate, and more. Eliminating sources of friction ensures guests have nothing to worry about when it’s time to enjoy the show.
  • Follow up after the event. Thank clients for attending and ask for feedback. Pay attention to what guests say about the timing of the event, level of hospitality, or business-related action items that might have been discussed in passing (such as forwarding contact information or sending a sample contract via email).

Build Client Relationships With Event Experiences

With so much digital noise, there’s never been a better time to create real, in-person experiences that benefit existing client relationships.

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