Companies host live events because shared experiences bolster relationships — and good professional relationships are the backbone of a strong business.

Even companies that understand this may not know how to pull off a successful event. Companies may allocate resources to host events, but efforts are wasted if these events aren’t incorporated into a comprehensive business development strategy.

That’s why we offer concierge services for companies that want to host a special experience.

Recently, a cloud services company approached us with an event idea. They wanted to encourage low-key conversations with current and potential clients and decided that hosting a suite at a Browns game was the way to do it.

Their story is a great example of how Ticketnology helps companies leverage suite tickets to close more sales deals.

Quote: How to Leverage Live Events to Improve Your Company’s Bottom Line


We worked within the company’s budget to choose the package that best suited their needs. Their price points matched their number of potential customers and contract values.

When we choose ticket packages, we determine each client’s financial worst-case and best-case scenarios. These range from not recouping costs to achieving a positive ROI. This information helps companies make informed decisions and set realistic expectations.

After that, we prepare attendees for success by handling all the event details. It’s our job to preempt any glitches. When our clients don’t have to stress about logistics, they can give the guests their full attention.

For any special event, we secure the tickets and send out invitations to the guests well in advance. We handle the ticket coordination, from reservations to distribution. We take care of catering for the food and beverages.

We create promotional materials to keep on hand in the suite. For this company, we made flyers with QR codes for guests to take with them after the game.

We send a “Know Before You Go” email before the event. This communicates any information the guests need but might not think to ask about. Topics include where to park and whether they’ll enter through a special entrance. We also give directions to the venue.

When the guests don’t have to stress about the details, they can relax and enjoy the experience.


The turnout was amazing. All the sales representatives had to do was show up and focus on the conversations. Everyone was free to enjoy the event, and the promotional materials we put out as resources were well received.

The company gave their guests a great experience. Personal connections through events like this distinguish transactional relationships from meaningful ones. People are more likely to collaborate with those they share memories with.


After the event, we initiated a plan to stay engaged with the clients and prospects.

The company sent a follow-up email to each of its guests. It attached pictures and gave a brief recap of the score and highlights of the game, reinforcing the great memories that were made. The company also included links to its sales enablement resources.

The team mascot visited the suite for a photo op during the game. The company printed, framed, and mailed the picture of the mascot. With this gift, they included a handwritten, personalized thank-you note. Personal touches like these help brands stand out in a crowded market.


The company was thrilled with the outcome of this new strategy. Their new and ongoing relationships and revenue boost paid off their investment. After spending $20K on the event, they closed over $200K in new deals, which didn’t require any heavy lifting from their sales team.

Because of the evening’s success, they’ll expand this strategy with us. We’re planning three or four additional suite events, with a couple of different types of events.

It’s easy and convenient for them to book with us because we do all the work. We’re always ready to get the party started!