Many sports leagues compete for your interest — the NFL, NBA, and MLS, to name a few. But when investing in season tickets, you may overlook one of the most riveting professional leagues: Major League Baseball.

Long regarded as America’s “favorite pastime,” a 2023 report found that baseball ranked second among North America’s most popular league sports. Compared to previous years, game attendance and viewership are also up. Fans flocked to their favorite stadiums during the 2023 MLB season, boosting attendance to over 70 million for the first time since 2017.

The rumor that baseball is dying seems far from true.

Infographic: Why Fans Connect With Baseball

Six Reasons to Say Yes to MLB Season Tickets

The first official baseball game took place in 1846, and the major leagues weren’t recognized until 1903, agreeing to meet in the World Series. But despite its long history, other competitive sports often eclipse baseball. Arguably, out of all the mainstream professional sports, baseball is the most overlooked by the media.

Yet, the same attributes that may cause the press to gloss over baseball are those that endear fans. Here are a few reasons baseball is a home run for season ticket holders:

1. A Higher Volume of Games Maximizes ROI

Each MLB team plays 162 games every season, 81 of which are home games. In contrast, the NFL typically has at most ten home games, while the NHL and NBA boast only half the number of MLB games.

The number of baseball games played at your local park offers ample opportunities to engage with, reward, or attract more company stakeholders.

Mid-size companies looking for chances to retain and recruit employees, interact with clients, or network with other industry leaders stand to benefit the most from the MLB’s high volume of games. From April to September, you can look forward to at least ten home games a month, meaning ten chances to build professional relationships.

2. The Perfect Atmosphere for Casual Connection

Whether your home park is Fenway Park on the East Coast or Oracle Park in southern California, relaxing in a stadium during some of the most enjoyable months of the year can be an incredible way to spend an afternoon or evening. Thanks to the leisurely pace of play and lower noise levels, it’s also a prime opportunity for business development.

Aside from the occasional home run or stolen base, MLB tends to be less loud and flashy than intense sports like football or hockey, so it’s easier to have a casual conversation. When used intuitively, a game can be more than a sporting event, offering the time and setting to strengthen employee and client relationships.

3. Baseball Isn’t Boring

While major league baseball games aren’t as high-energy as other professional sports, the MLB recently enacted rule changes to make the game more watchable. Without detracting from the game’s integrity and time-honored traditions, the 2023 rule changes encourage faster play, more base stealing, and, inevitably, more runs.

Baseball is still America’s favorite game, just better. Fans expect a more exciting match with a higher likelihood of white-knuckle moments. Similarly, corporate MLB season ticket holders can look forward to a relaxed networking environment punctuated with thrilling plays, enhancing the appeal of an invitation to a baseball game.

4. There’s No Denying the Nostalgia

There’s something classically American about baseball. After all, it’s dubbed “America’s pastime.”

Chances are you have memories of playing T-ball as a child or throwing the ball around with friends and family on a summer afternoon. As one of the first sports many kids learn to play, baseball is embedded in our childhoods.

Just as deeply rooted is baseball’s unique scorekeeping method, recording every at-bat, pitch, and defensive play in a game. Keeping the books harkens back to a simpler time before digital record keeping or predictions. Connections to a bygone era make watching a professional game more special.

5. Lack of Weather-Related Worries

The MLB season kicks off in April, just when the weather gets warmer. Even the balmy summer month games, usually accompanied by a cold beverage, are preferable to the NFL’s late fall and winter matches. Baseball season’s timing makes a professional game a treat for employees and clients (unlike suffering through a winter football game).

As a result, it’s more conducive to networking, team bonding, and getting to know a customer or business contact.

6. Enjoyable Activities Besides the Baseball Game

NHL ice arenas may offer concessions, and NBA games might feature a mascot performance, but few other professional sports offer as many entertaining activities as major league baseball.

Think of kids getting to run the bases, fun games, freebies from sponsors, and plenty of mid-inning or after-game activities. Many are fun for the whole family. The Detroit Tigers Comerica Stadium even boasts a carousel and Ferris wheel.

The MLB also outdoes classic concessions. Their offerings appeal to both the traditional hot-dog-loving fan and the adventurous foodie. Take Seattle’s T-Mobile Park, which offers everything from pork bao buns to lobster rolls.

A ticket to a baseball game is an invitation to more than a stadium seat.

Don’t Strike Out at the Start of the Season

Baseball is gearing up for another great season, and so are its excited fans. Even if you’re not a diehard, the time to invest in season tickets is now.

On opening day, the impending 81 home games seem daunting. However, getting in early helps you follow the action from the start. Even better, you retain access to your stadium seats at a locked-in price before your team is in the running for the World Series.

Committing to MLB season tickets ensures you’ll see the games and teams you’re most interested in. Along the way, you’ll be part of the incredible baseball community. Season ticket holders, in particular, receive access to certain places and clubs that allow them to maximize their ticket investment by taking advantage of the whole experience all season long.

Quote: Why Fans Connect With Baseball